We would like to address the top headline of the past month or so: Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus). There is a lot of panic and worry of the unknown. But please know that we are doing what we can in our company to prevent spread of germs by encouraging our employees to wash hands, use hand sanitizer, stay home when sick, and sanitizing our office and often-touched items such as door handles, light switches, etc.

Furthermore, in light of all the shutdowns of non-essential businesses, we feel our industry, the Pest Control and Termite industry, is considered to be essential. There are many pests and rodents that carry diseases that need to be controlled regularly. Therefore, it is important that we stay vigilant and operational during these times.

Another essential aspect to our industry is termite control and termite inspections for home sales. Our inspections are vital for home buyers to obtain a loan on their potential homes.

We genuinely care about our customers and their families as well as our employees and their families. We wouldn’t be here without you. So please know that we will take all necessary precautions when servicing your home to prevent any spread of germs. We may need to inspect the inside of the property to determine necessary treatment. If it is deemed treatment is needed inside, if you do not want interior service done, no problem. Just call us back to reschedule the interior as our schedule permits.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are all in this TOGETHER!! Thank you for your continued support!


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