Protection Termite Control will be performing a treatment at the above referenced property. In order
for us to complete the treatment we would need to:

Drill the custom coat of the patios and garage.
Drill tile grout/flagstone grout
Drill pavers/brick
Drill cool deck
Drill tile/wood flooring
Foam custom/painted walls
Moving stored items
Pulling back carpet

Per label, all patios and garages that are obstructed by tile, flagstone, pavers, epoxy, or anything of that sort should be drilled to create a continuous barrier around the structure of the home. To drill these areas, Protection Termite will need a signature from the responsible party ensuring that we will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused on the custom coated areas. Please note: any and all patches in all custom coated areas will not match.

PTC does not specialize in moving furniture or stored items, nor do we specialize in carpet work. PTC will not be held liable for any damage caused or any broken items while moving any personal items or pulling back carpet, nor will we be held liable for putting items in an undesired location or not properly putting the carpet back. We always recommend having a professional perform any work out of our company’s scope.

I hereby authorize Protection Termite Control to perform their proposed treatment and will not hold them liable for any damages caused.

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